Blizzard Bag Assignments for Web Design


Hi Ladies and Gentlemen

If you are looking at this page you must be home safe and warm.  Since most of you do not have Adobe CS6 at home, your Blizzard Bag Assignment is to create web pages using Microsoft Word©.

Use the links below to go to directions.  These directions are for Word 2007 but can be completed in any Word version or in Open Office (with some searching!). 

The directions tell you “HOW” not “WHAT”.  You need to pick a topic or subject that you are interested in finding more information or you may combined this project with another class (such as History, English, Science, Global Language, Math, etc.) and complete that assignment in the form of a Web Page. 

Make if fun and interesting to you!  Good Luck!

Create and Publish web Pages: A Short Tutorial

Day One:

            Lesson One: How to create web pages using Microsoft Word

Day Two:
            Lesson Two: Adding backgrounds

Day Three:

            Lesson Three:  Adding images

Day Four
            Lesson Four: Inserting links

Day Five:

            Lesson Five:  Inserting tables

Day Six
            Lesson Six: Publishing your web page to Yahoo/Geocities

Day Seven:

            Lesson Seven: Preparing Your pages for Search Engines